Bold Makeup Trends That You Can Actually Pull Off

In a world where makeup tutorials and celebrity inspiration is literally everywhere, it’s easy to determine which looks you would and wouldn’t try. However, there’s a percentage of us who are guilty of not trying certain looks because we’re afraid that we won’t be able to pull them off. But we say, there’s no other way to find out then to actually go ahead and try them! Here, we’ve rounded up some of the boldest makeup trends that have had their fair share of time in the spotlight, and we show you how you can try them yourself. They’re bright and statement-making, but most importantly they’re fun.


Vampy Lips

A lot of makeup brands have picked up on this trend of late, adding more vampy shades to their collections. As long as the rest of your face is naturally touched up, deep-colored lipsticks can work as an everyday makeup staple.


Colorful Smoky Eyes

When we think of smoky eyes, we tend to picture deep gray tones, or almost-black shadows brushed across the eyelids. But these are no longer the only smoky shades, because makeup artists have been styling their clients with smoky eyes of all colors. If you're not interested in dark shadows, opt for copper tones, which are a lot more wearable.


Flaming Red Lips

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people who stay away from red lipstick. Bright fire-engine red tones can be intimidating, but as long as the rest of your look is toned down, they'll work out just fine.


Thick Cat Eye Liner

If you're an expert in the eyeliner department, then you've probably already got your winged eyeliner technique down pat. However, this is still something a lot of us wouldn't wear everyday, but it doesn't mean that we can't. You can go as bold as you'd like with your liner, while keeping the rest of your face minimal.


Neon Lips

We mentioned that a lot of people are intimidated by red lipstick, but the amount of people intimidated by neon lipstick is even more. There's no need to be! Neon lipsticks come in a variety of shades and flatter nearly all skin tones; just make sure you're not wearing neon eyeshadow simultaneously.


Charcoal Smoky Eyes

For those who'd love to try the original version of the smoky eye but still haven't, it's time to make that move. Just like majority of the looks on this list, you can dress up your eyes without amplifying your other features.


Flourescent Eyeliner

Thankfully, eyeliners keep expanding in color options, including brighter tones that used to not be so present on the market. For those of us who aren't the biggest fans of eyeshadow, try a jewel-toned liner on its own instead.


Statement Eyes and Lips

For the ones who are really willing to take a risk, there is actually a way to try two bold trends at once. Lily Aldridge pulled off this epic smoky eye and red lip combination, which is perfect for a night out with friends or whenever you really want to make a statement.