This Is The Best-Selling Makeup Product On Amazon

Amazon’s beauty section recently expanded with a plethora of makeup, skincare and haircare products for our every need. With an endless amount of options, the online mega-retailer is sure to have some best sellers with the reviews to match. They recently announced their top-seller in the makeup department, and to no one’s surprise it’s a beloved brow product.

Everyone wants to achieve a flawless arch, and according to Amazon’s shoppers this pigmented eyebrow gel will give you just that: Wunder2’s WunderBrow Gel, which is a semi-permanent formula for filling in any sparse areas. It’s completely waterproof, won’t smudge or transfer, and can last up to three days (!!!)—meaning you can wear it during your most intense workout and it’s guaranteed to stay put. The natural-looking gel is infused with hair-like fibers and is available in five different colors, so it works on every brow shade.

This is the perfect product for busy girls who don’t have time to touch up their makeup throughout the day. Best part: It will only cost you $21 on Amazon.

Photo: Wunder2