These Are The Best-Selling Eye-Shadow Palettes At Sephora

by Stephanie Montes

With aisles and aisles of your favorite brands and products, your nearest Sephora is the obvious place to load up on the newest and most popular eye-shadow palettes. But unless you go in with a game plan, you can end up spending hard-earned cash on items you don’t need. To strategize your next shopping spree ahead of time, read on to learn the beauty retailer’s 10 best-selling shadow kits. Stick to these, and you’ll never have buyer’s remorse again.


In The Shadows

#10: For The Extrovert

#9: For The Pro

#8: For The Bombshell

#7: For The Girly Girl

#6: For The Night Owl

#5: For The Working Girl

#4: For The Natural Beauty

#3: For The Indecisive Beauty Junkie

#2: For The Preppy Girl

#1: For The Girl Who Likes To Experiment