One Tube Of This $4 Mascara Is Sold Every 6 Seconds

by Stephanie Montes
A blonde girl taking a selfie with mascara on her face

Think fast: What was the first mascara you ever tried? Was it in a pink and green tube? Even when we were too young to actually wear makeup, we remember sifting through our mother's makeup bag and seeing a tube of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara tucked inside. Since then, we've graduated to newer and pricier formulas, but we've never forgotten about our first foray into longer, thicker lashes. And, according to Maybelline, beauty junkies across the country haven't either. The brand shares that the iconic product is the best-selling mascara in the US, with one bought every six seconds. If there's anything we've learned from makeup (and movies), it's that sometimes you just need to stick to the original.