New Year’s Eve Makeup That Flatters Every Face

For what may be the most glamorous night of the year aka New Year’s Eve, your makeup should be celebratory on its own. Whether it be bold lipstick hues or sparkly eyes, there’s gorgeous ways for everyone to turn heads as they toast to a fresh start. For those of you who are still deciding on how to dress your eyes, lips and face for saying au revoir to 2016, here are seven statement-making options that will look great on anyone.


Classic Red Lip

You can never go wrong with this classic look. Apply your face makeup as usual, but top it off with a candy apple red shade for a touch of Old Hollywood glam.


Matching Neutrals

Matching your eyes to your lips may not always be the first look that comes to mind. Pairing a neutral color on your eyelids and lips can help accentuate your eye color and skin tone.


Winged Out

For those who typically stray away from eyeliner, a winged eye is bold enough for New Year's Eve festivities. Not only does it bring the drama, it also manages to look great on all eye shapes.


Vampy Lips

If experimenting with darker hues is on your radar, this is the perfect time to finally try that vampy lipstick you've been eyeing. Dark, bold hues have the ability to highlight features that light shades could possibly wash out.


Sparkling Eyes

Everyone you know will probably be decked out in sparkles from head to toe on NYE. If you're not a super fan of glitter but still want to incorporate it in a subtle way, make your eyes dazzle with a cream shimmer eye shadow.


Colored Smoky Eye

Colored smoky eyes took over the red carpet this year as they proved to not be so intimidating. Give the shadow trend a spin with a sultry red shade above the lid and underneath the waterline.


Classic Smoky Eye

We still can't neglect the original smoky eye created with charcoal gray and black tones. The blend of colors is daring yet sexy, and the intensity can be built upon your liking.