The Best Mascara For Your Lash Type And Budget

While most of us reach for mascara on the daily, the mainstay product isn’t as universal as you may think. We’re all in favor of thick, voluminous lashes, of course, but the formula that works for those with naturally long or curly lashes (aka the beauty blessed) is not necessarily the optimal choice for someone with short or straight lashes. And since we’re re-upping nonstop, all the more reason to source a favorite that works specifically for your lash type and budget. Whether you’re inclined to splurge or prefer a drugstore find, your ultimate mascara guide ahead, curated for every type of lash goal.



For Lengthening

If you have short lashes or crave mega-length, a fiber-extending formula is striking.

For Thickening

Amplify sparse lashes with a plumping formula that fans out each lash for increased density.

For Curling

Push your lashes up and out with a curve-enhancing formula—ideal for straight lashes or those seeking drama.

For Defining

Create the perfect flutter with a brush designed to lift and separate—an ideal look for all lash types.