Cool (And Slightly Outrageous) Beauty Looks That Are Perfect For Summer

A blonde woman in a blue blazer posing and looking off to the side while wearing perfect summer make...

Anyone who’s big on festival season, is well aware of how much of a fashion and beauty commitment it is. Once you’ve narrowed down which festivals you’ll be hitting this summer and have your trip details confirmed, you have the time and energy to focus on your look. Because festival makeup is mean to be bolder, scouring through all your colorful options can be overwhelming. However, you also never want to look like you’re trying too hard just because it’s festival season. Here, we break down some bold beauty looks that are actually wearable and so on point for any festival that’s on your radar.


Gold Foil

For Gigi Hadid's 23rd birthday, her makeup artist, Erin Parsons, created a gold foil eye makeup look. She used a drugstore gold powder and craft glitter for some added drama. The glitter is entirely up to you, but the gold is so good.



Lilac is undoubtedly the most popular color of the spring season. Wear a light purple smoky eye as an unconventional upgrade to the classic look, with some lilac highlighter reflected on your cheeks. Trust us, it'll be a standout beauty moment for sure.


White Liner

White liner is typically used on the inner rim of your lids to help widen your peepers, thus making you look more awake and youthful. However, the pigment is now being worn as a beauty staple above the lid, and for good reason. A white wing can be a much bolder statement than classic black.


Silver Sparkles

Everyone loves glitter and sparkles during festival season, and there's a right way to do it in adulthood. Take this subtle silver on Margot Robbie created by her makeup artist Pati Dubroff. She used the cult-favorite Lemonhead LA paste to add the speckles onto the star's eyelids.


Powdered Blue

You can never go wrong with a classic baby blue. Cover up your entire eyelids à la Rihanna and make the pastel color the center of attention.


Red Wings

If you're tired of your classic cat eye, but don't want to commit to a vibrant smoky look or anything else extravagant, try a simple red wing. This subtle addition is still bold enough for festival vibes.


Circled Liner

For those who are really willing to experiment, try switching up the shape and color of your liner. Add some glitter and wrap it around your eye like makeup artist Jo Baker did on actress Dover Cameron. It's a bit futuristic, but we're not mad about it.


Emerald Green

Vanessa Hudgens has been crowned the queen of Coachella by the internet, so of course she has some inspiration for us. This enviable green moment is just what the doctor ordered for those who are into deeper shades.