The Best Lipstick For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury is currently in retrograde and, because of the funk, a majority of us rushed to check our April horoscopes on the first of the month. While our obsession with the zodiac mostly pertains to our personal lives, our shopping habits can align, too! In fact, there are even certain lipstick shades that work nicely with each sign. Based on personality traits, other relevant astrological features and tips from the AstroTwins these are the best lippies for you.


It's A Sign

According to the Astro Twins, Aries (being the first of all 12 signs) are trailblazers. Other traits include being energetic, bold and unstoppable. Aries' can't go wrong with a vibrant fuchsia shade added to their lipstick collection.

Anyone who knows a Taurus knows they always mean business. They crave stability and security and you can pretty much always find them working on something. A classic tried-and-true mauve-like nude shade is great for Taurus.

Geminis are all about communication. As the most collaborative and vibrant sign in the zodiac, Geminis are mischievous, witty and clever. What better lipstick shade than a bright berry?

Cancers are full of emotions and also the most passionate of all the signs. This water sign is also sensitive and very nurturing. The best way to show off how passionate you are is with a bold red lip, of course.

Leos (being a fire sign), overall, are very warmhearted. However, they also bring the drama and are known to be courageous. Show off that fiery side with a hot coral lipstick.

Virgos are extremely organized and orderly. Because of that, they're also very helpful and eager to lend a helping hand. Virgos should keep it simple in a matte, taupe lip color.

Libras seek peace, cooperation and balance overall. They have no trouble with commitment or partnership, as long as there's fairness on both ends. A soft, pinky nude is great for Libras.

Scorpios are easily the most intense of the bunch. They encourage others to deep dive into their emotions. Other Scorpio qualities include intimacy, power and even obsession. Consider wearing a vampy purple shade.

Sagittariuses aren't afraid to take any risks. Described as honest and outspoken, this sign exudes confidence. Try a holographic gloss for an edgier touch.

Capricorns are ambitious go-getters. They encourage others around them to set goals for the future, and are also great with plans and structure. A sheer nude will do just fine, since their lives are pretty much put-together.

Aquariuses are great with team work and collaboration, making them very friendly. They're also great with technology and are described as futuristic and ahead of the curve. Wear a gorgeous lilac lipgloss to stand out from the crowd.

Anyone who's close with a Pisces is well aware of how active their minds are. As the big dreamers of the horoscope, it's no surprise that they're known for having mysterious and dreamy-like features tied to them. Consider wearing a burnt orange shade to play up that sunny side everyone loves.