All The Best Hacks For Girls With Dark Circles

Have you ever been told how tired you look? Has it ever happened after you’ve gotten a full night’s rest and you actually feel great? Awkward! It’s not you, it’s probably just the circles under your eyes. But before you go and check yourself into a sleep clinic, keep in mind that it’s likely not only a lack of sleep that’s making you look tired. When hitting the snooze button doesn’t seem to do the trick, we have the skincare and makeup hacks that will get your peepers popping again. Ahead, all the best ways to get rid of dark circles for good. Do these and the conversation will shift from your sleep pattern to how good you look.


What Dark Circles?

Give Your Eyes A Massage

This magical tool has been enough to significantly reduce dark circles under our tired eyes. A gentle massage on your under-eye area encourages circulation and draining of excess fluid. Once a day, use a jade roller or just your fingers to apply gentle pressure in a circular or rolling motion.

Use Colored Concealers

For those with prominent dark circles, a regular nude concealer doesn't always do the trick. Before applying foundation and concealer, neutralize discoloration with a color-correcting product. See our guide below for choosing the right one.

Green: Neutralizes dark circles that have a red tint.

Yellow: Instantly brightens dark pigmentation under the eyes.

Pink: Tones down blue or purple circles.

Purple: Covers up yellow spots under the eyes.

If you don't have color-correcting concealers on hand, a coral or pink lipstick will do the trick too.

Use An Eye Cream

Eye creams aren't just something your grandma uses—they're formulated to target the delicate skin under the eye and keep it extra hydrated. Store yours in the fridge to de-puff and treat dark circles. But be careful when using other products that include ingredients like retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C—they can irritate sensitive skin and make the problem worse.

Mix Eye Cream With Your Concealer

If your concealer is too thick, it can look caked-on and settle deeply into fine lines (making you look extra tired), which is the opposite of what you want. To lighten the formula, mix cream concealer with a serum and dab it directly on your dark circles with your fingers. The warmth of your hands will emulsify the product and help it blend.

Drink Water

Dark circles get darker when you're dehydrated. Drink at least eight cups of water per day to keep your skin plump and glowing. If water isn't appealing, infuse it with your favorite fruits to give it some flavor. Also limit your salt, alcohol and tobacco intake, as these can cause swelling in the skin and water loss.

Try An At-Home Remedy

Potatoes are packed with natural bleaching agents that can banish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. To DIY your own remedy, grate a raw potato to extract the juice, then soak a cotton pad in it. Place the cotton pad over the eyelid and under-eye area for 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat once or twice daily for a few weeks, and bask in the wonder of nature's miracles.

Apply Concealer Over Your Foundation

To get the best coverage, apply your concealer as the very last step in your makeup—foundation can dilute your high-coverage concealer.