6 Sweatproof Foundations To Beat The Summer Heat

A woman posing in a white top during the summer with sweatproof foundation applied

As soon as the temperature rises, our body’s natural cool-down method—aka sweating—rules our life. From the moment we start our morning commute, little beads of perspiration form above our brow and lips, causing our foundation to melt right off, leaving behind a crackled, streaky face. We’ve had enough and are ready to stop this vicious seasonal cycle. Here, the foundations we’re relying on to stop our makeup from dripping off our face this summer.


A Strong Foundation

If your goal is full coverage that won’t budge no more matter how hot it is, this foundation is your new holy grail. It has a breathable, film-former which means it’s water-, transfer- and smudge-proof for a whole 24 hours. It also contains a polymer that gives skin a natural glow.

Stick foundation is the lightweight, summer-approved option for touching up your face on-the-go. Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation perfects the skin in one swipe and lends a natural matte finish, that doesn't look dull or flat.

One of the most common ways foundation betrays us in the summer is by putting its cakey appearance on display, even when we applied it properly. Don't let this be an issue and opt for ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation. This serum-infused foundation allows for buildable coverage and contains marula oils to calm redness, minimize wrinkles and allow the formula to melt into the skin, ensuring it won’t rub off when you warm up.

Like an Instagram filter IRL, this velvety, yet lightweight mousse mattifies shine and conceals the appearance of zits, enlarged pores and discoloration marks. Skin is left looking radiant, not oily.

With 100% pure argan oil, blueberry argan and ginger root extracts, this luscious foundation doesn’t just provide coverage, it actually improves and protects your skin from environmental damages, increases overall luminosity and lets the skin breathe even on sweltering days.

One sweep of this SPF powder foundation instantly de-slicks a sheen-filled face, visibly minimizes pores and fine lines and provides protection from UV damage. And because this formula is hypoallergenic, it won’t irritate the skin or cause blemishes. With continued use, skin becomes soothed and perfectly balanced.