The Beauty Essentials That Will Get You Through Festival Season

While spring obviously marks the start of warm weather (slow as it may be), sundresses and sandals, it also marks the beginning of the cultural phenomenon known as festival season. Yes, kicking off this month (this weekend to be exact) is a three-month wave of music and art extravaganzas that the style set plans meticulously for each year. And while there’s a time and place for a more understated, reserved look, festivals often serve as a platform to go as big and bold as you want—especially in the beauty department. Whether that includes an elaborate braided hairstyle, glitterfied makeup or an outrageously bold lip, it’s safe to say anything goes when you’re at one of these weekend-long affairs.

That all being said, serious considerations also need to be made as the warmer temps and endless walking can often work against you. After years of trial and error, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes and breaks a solid festival look, so we’ve compiled some beauty essentials that will ensure a statement, even under the hottest of circumstances.

Samantha Deitch/BFA.com

Sweat, heat and general desert climates can do a number on your hair. Keep things fresh by packing a dry shampoo that will keep oil at bay and not weigh down your strands.

If you're dying to try a daring look, but don't want to commit to a month or two of cotton-candy hair (as cool as it is), fear not. This temporary color spray delivers rich, bold color that will wash right out so the only evidence you'll have will be on Instagram.

If you're one for a more subtle beauty look, dip your toe into the festival life with a little glitter spray. Whether you're donning a bouncy pony, top knot or long beachy waves, a spritz of this illuminating formula will turn your 'do into a hypnotizing work of art (that washes out at the end of the night!).

If you've ever wanted to expand your lipstick horizons, music festivals often serve as the ideal platform to do so. Try out an interesting color like a teal or violet for the weekend in lieu of your go-to reds and pinks!

Musicals festivals are the places to really let your hair down and shine like a diamond. Pack on the illuminating products to give your face the ultimate glow. Heck, go wild and play with different shades for a rainbow-like effect while you're at it.

In desert and woodland climates, the sun can be public enemy No.1, so sunscreen is a non-negotiable and something you should pack in bulk. In an effort to protect your face and keep you makeup in check, we recommend you invest in an SPF mist and keep it in your bag at all times for touch-ups throughout the day. (This one also serves as a makeup setting spray, so it really works in your favor!)

We're all about the sun-kissed skin, we just don't think you should rely on the sun to get it. Fake it like a pro with a solid sunless tanner that sprays on evenly and dries quickly so it won't rub off on your clothes!

Sweat can make a mess of your mascara, so to keep those peepers bright, try a long-lasting waterproof pick for the weekend.

Packing on the makeup isn't always ideal in hot, humid climates so we look for quick and easy products that deliver standout looks sans too much elbow grease. For head-turning eyes, try a liquid eyeshadow that swipes on easily and has a deep pigment that won't fade or rub off throughout the day.

Oil and sweat will be an issue no matter what, so keep blotting papers handy to absorb any moisture sans ruining your makeup.

Try to keep your powder-based products to a minimum to avoid any oxidation or cakey finishes. For a pretty natural flush, try a gel- or cream-based blush that goes on easily.

Nails often serve as the perfect canvas for a wild statement beauty look, so go big for a few days! Try an ombre or glittery mani in cool spring-y shades to make your outfit pop.