The Best Drugstore Mascaras According To Editors

by Stephanie Montes

In case you didn’t know, drugstore mascaras are some of the best around. Here, our editors share their favorites, proving that looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost your entire paycheck. Got $15? Then you’ve got a new mascara—maybe even two.


Bat Those Lashes

"I stand by the fact that Maybelline makes the best mascara of all time. No matter how many different kinds I try, I always come back to its Full 'N Soft formula. It lengthens, separates and darkens my light lashes without the clumpy look I loathe. And it's only $8!"

—Kristi Mikesky, Managing Editor

"I have long lashes but I'm always seeking extra curl and volume. This formula never fails me!"

—Laura Lajiness, Fashion Editor

"I have really short, straight lashes and this mascara does a great job of lengthening and volumizing while separating for a clump-free result. It also retains the curl nicely as I tend to go crazy with the lash curler."

—Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor

"My eyelashes are pretty long, but I've always struggled with volume. This rare, angled wand stretches lashes and fills them in with the perfect boost of fullness."

—Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"If it isn't broken, don't fix it: Maybelline Great Lash mascara is iconic for a reason. You can't beat it."

—Sari Tuschman, Editor at Large

"I was first introduced to this mascara in high school and I always come back to it. The formula isn't too wet, which is perfect for darkening my lashes without weighing them down or messing up my curl."

—Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"Finding a mascara that makes your lashes look incredible and is affordable and is natural is no easy feat. This one is the ultimate triple threat. Oh, and it's also waterproof, so...."

—Erin Bunch, Lifestyle Editor