The One Product You Can’t Ignore This Summer


Have you ever taken a look at supermodels or celebs on the red carpet and noticed how much they glow all over? Sure, there's probably a spray tan behind that sun-kissed look, but the shimmering finish is a different story. That's where body bronzers come in—and the summer must-have isn't just for catwalk queens. These all-over illuminators come in a variety of different formulas, ranging from lotions to sprays and oils. What makes them different from a self-tanner is that they don't change the color of your skin, they simply enhance the current shade they're working with.

While the small hint of color is a definite plus, it's the glossy finish that makes skin really shine. You'll notice that most body bronzers are infused with some form of gold speckles, and that's where the lit- from-within look comes in. The result is warmed-up, healthy-looking skin that we can all get behind.

Another benefit? Bronzing products typically require less time to apply and less commitment than spray tanning. These are not formulas you wear for days, as they wash right off in the shower. (The affordable price tag is not lost on us, either.) Now that we've officially sold you on the summer essential, get your glow on by shopping the bronzers below.