How To Find The Perfect Blush Shade For Your Skin Tone


One of the most underrated makeup products is definitely blush. Many still seem to neglect it from their routines or sub it out for bronzer, but any makeup artist will tell you it's an absolute necessity. The natural flush it adds to one's face is instantly noticeable once applied, and it looks flawless against a bronzer and highlighter combination of your choosing. But of course, just like any other pigment, complementary blush shades vary for every skin tone. Here, the best hue to match against your own.

If you've got a more porcelain-like complexion, opt for soft, cool tones of pink for a filter-like effect against the skin. Think of it as a natural rose-colored veil, so it's as if you're barely wearing any makeup.

For skin tones that are fair but going a bit into the warmer/rosier spectrum, gravitate towards more dusty rose shades. The pink undertones are less prominent and will blend more easily.

To warm up your olive-y complexion, we suggest you reach for a peach. The hint of color adds just enough contrast.

Skin tones right in the middle of the color spectrum, should opt for a coral-based blush. This will really bring out the overall radiance of the skin tone and light up the face beautifully.

Medium to tan skin gets to play around with more orange tones. Rather than leaving a patchy color, it'll do the job that pinks and peaches do for others.

Hot pink and fuchsia look amazing on medium-deep skin, from lipstick to nail polish, but especially blush. It's a natural pop of color for a healthy glow.

Red blush may look intimidating while still in a compact, but comes off so gorgeous on deep skin. The red-orange finish will warm up the skin instantaneously without being too overbearing.