The 5 Products That Will Get You Through Spring

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Even though it feels like winter is never-ending, spring is officially here (or will be in less than 24 hours). But, before the flowers start to bloom, we should think of sprucing up our beauty regimen. Toss the winter shades and finishes away, and bring on the newness. Thankfully, all you really need to get through spring are five basic essentials. Discover them ahead.

Spring is the perfect time to enhance that dewy look we all desire. A radiant moisturizer can boost your glow underneath makeup, without making you look sweaty or oily.

There's no need to pack on heavy foundation once the sun starts to come out. A light, airy finish is the low-maintenance approach to take this spring.

To maintain that radiant glow, dab on some cream blush rather than a powder formula. It'll enhance the natural flush of your own cheeks as opposed to lending a faux rosiness.

We've already called out lilac makeup as the biggest trend of the season, so an eye shadow in the pastel shade is key.

Keep things light and bright by wearing a pink gloss to enhance the natural pink hue of your own lips. Plus, a glossy finish will make your lips look fuller.