Editors’ Picks For Best Beauty Products: February 2017

Two young ladies posing for a photo with beauty products on their faces

Here at RZHQ, we love trying new beauty products—and it’s not lost on us that we’re lucky to have access to the latest and greatest from tried-and-true brands, as well as the opportunity to discover emerging lines. But what good would it be if we kept our of-the-moment faves to ourselves? Each month, we share our current obsessions in hopes that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Ahead, our top picks for February.


Editors' Picks: February

"My skin freaks out in the winter, so I've been adding this nourishing oil to my nightly moisturizer."

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I've been playing around with my brow routine, and I switched from a traditional pencil to this ultra-thin wand. It's nice not having to sharpen anything, and the precision tip really allows me to fill in those tiny gaps without overdoing it. I then set the shape with Cara Delevingne's favorite $4 eyebrow gel—and I have to say, the results aren't half-bad."

Kristi Mikesky, Managing Editor

"I'm obsessed with this all-natural, chemical-free moisturizer. It's packed with green tea and powerful sun protection. It's also argan-oil-infused, so I've been wearing the lightweight formula over another face oil during the day to stay ultra-hydrated in winter—it's fast-absorbing, so I never feel greasy."

Laura Lajiness, Fashion Editor

"I'm living for my Fresh Sugar lip treatment. It's the only thing that moisturizes my chapped lips in cooler months, and it also provides the perfect subtle dose of color."

Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"From using dryer sheets to cranking up the humidifier, I've made every desperate attempt at taming the Einstein-like static in my hair during colder months. Then I stumbled upon this Winter Miracle Worker (that's what I'd call it if I invented the product). If I didn't need it only for winter, I would name this my desert island pick."

Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"I usually stay away from heavy moisturizers, but this winter has been especially cruel to my skin. This First Aid Beauty cream has been a godsend. Although the formula is thick, it never feels uncomfortably heavy or greasy. It absorbs quickly and transforms my tight, dry face into an insanely soft, supple, hydrated canvas. It wears nicely under makeup, too, so I use it for day and night."

Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor

"I had a bit of a flare-up recently, and this bamboo mask brought my skin back to normalcy. Aloe vera and chamomile work together to soothe inflammation and diminish redness, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated."

Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"I'm still scared of Botox, and this miracle product is billed as the next best thing (sans needles). It's pricey, but at least I never have to fear a frozen face!"

Erin Nicole, Lifestyle Editor