The Best Beauty Products Of 2016

by Stephanie Montes

There are plenty of beauty trends we’re happy to leave in the past—we’re looking at you, teased bangs, frosted tips and barely there brows. That said, there are even more looks that will remain timeless, like glowing skin, shiny hair and flawless foundation, and in 2016 they proved their staying power via our favorite new product launches. Whether you’re in the market for makeup or fragrance (or anything in between), now’s the time for you to start filling those shopping carts with the best items released this year. And the good news is, they won’t go out of style in 2017.

Best Of 2016

The Best Eye Cream

The Best Allover Balm

The Best Eye Shadow Palette

The Best Micellar Water

The Best Face Mask

The Most-Anticipated Makeup Launch (That Didn't Disappoint)

The Best Wave Spray

The Best Face Mist

The Best Mascara

The Best Lipstick

The Best Liquid Foundation

The Best Beauty Gadget

The Best Blush

The Best Shampoo

The Best Makeup Remover

The Best Nail Polish

The Best Toner