Beauty Essentials Busy Women Can’t Be Without

All career women, students and moms can relate to feeling incredibly busy. While we can’t help you juggle that crazy calendar, we can share tips on how to get—and stay—gorgeous when there aren’t enough hours in the day. Here, find the emergency stash of beauty products tailored to your lifestyle—we guarantee it’ll bail you out of any situation. You can thank us later.


Get Gorgeous On The Go

Career Woman

Being prepared for impromptu meetings or last-minute evening events requires an emergency kit that takes you from midday slump to polished perfection in a snap. A mini hair tool is perfect for quick styling (whether you want your tresses straight or wavy), while blotting papers eliminate T-zone grease. A foundation-concealer stick duo allows you to touch up coverage that may have faded, and a berry lip shade and an alluring scent create the illusion of carefully planned primping.


You've got the toughest gig of all, which demands a stash of essentials that'll lend a helping hand, stat. An antibacterial spray and a compact case of aspirin keep you sanitized and headache-free, while a high-coverage concealer alleviates the dark circles that've taken up residence thanks to sleepless nights with an infant. When you manage to get some alone time with your SO, highlighter applied to the cheekbones offers a radiant glow, while a rose-scented volumizing spray refreshes your hair in an instant.


All-night study sessions call for rejuvenating products. We suggest a face mist to keep your skin hydrated (and your eyes open) and a kink-free hair tie that won't destroy your locks. Applying an aromatherapy oil to wrists and temples creates an aura of calm, while a tinted balm provides lips and cheeks with a natural flush of color.

Fitness Junkie

If you take any opportunity to squeeze in a workout, you need products that refresh you quickly. Face wipes are crucial for whisking away sweat and makeup, while a mini deodorant keeps you fresh for the remainder of the day. A BB cream quickly evens skin tone, and a dry shampoo breathes new life into your hair.


Every seasoned globe-trotter seeks products that maximize in-flight downtime. A hydrating moisture mask protects skin from recycled-air-induced dehydration, while an intensive balm keeps your lips from chapping. Wrapping hair in a printed head scarf helps avoid frizz and tangles so you can emerge with polished tresses. A luxurious silk eye mask creates a restful cocoon so you can snag some shut-eye. Post-landing, a lash curler will instantly give the illusion of bright, wide eyes.