How Beauty Trends Differ Between New York And Los Angeles

Making the move from the East Coast to the West Coast, I was well aware that everything I knew was about to turn on its head—even my approach to beauty. A few months into this new chapter of my life, I’ve discovered distinct variations in how women on each coast manage their hair, skin and makeup routines, and I’ve made adjustments to my own as I transition from a New York City girl to an Angeleno. Here, some of the biggest differences between the two. Let us know if you agree in the comments below.

Adam Katz Sinding

NYC Makeup: Statement

New Yorkers love to highlight one or more of their features when applying makeup. Whether it's a bold red lipstick or an intense smoky eye—heads will turn.


LA Makeup: Au Naturel

The West Coast has a reputation for being laid-back and that's definitely the case here. The no-makeup makeup trend is the norm here in LA, with a fresh-faced dewy finish being the preferred look.


NYC Hair: Blowouts

NYC boasts blowout bars on nearly every block. You can expect more women to be walking around with perfectly sleek hair because it's easier to manage in ever-changing weather conditions.

Adam Katz Sinding

LA Hair: Beachy Waves

In LA, undone natural hair is a huge beauty trend. Since the climate is nearly the same year-round, our tresses can tolerate a wash-and-go routine.


NYC Brows: Bold

New York is a sea of thick, statement-making eyebrows. Everyone loves their pencils, pomades and gels and the growing-out phase is acknowledged, not hidden.


LA Brows: Groomed

LA brows are just as lo-fi as its hair and makeup. There isn't an unwaxed pair in sight, and if they're filled in you probably can't even tell.


NYC Skin: Minimal Bronze

Cold winter days make a year-round tan unrealistic. Unless they're just back from a sunny getaway, New Yorkers opt for subtle color.


LA Skin: Golden Tan

Glowing is the only way to be in Los Angeles. Spray tans are a way of life, and looking lightly bronzed at all times is a must. Plus, there's rarely a day where the sun isn't beaming (we never leave home without SPF either).