The Brand Behind The Viral Clear Lipsticks Just Launched A Cool New Product

Avocados are easily one of the most popular foods on the planet, with chefs popping them in and on anything you can imagine. In more recent years we’ve learned that the much-loved superfood can evolve well past a toast topping, smoothies and guacamole—and into the world of beauty. Apart from its internal health benefits, avocado is also great for hydrating your skin and hair. But apparently super-soft skin and shiny strands weren’t enough for beauty junkies, because now avocados have found their way into actual makeup.

Winky Lux, the brand behind the viral floral-infused lipsticks that broke the Internet last year, just launched a line of equally aesthetically pleasing liquid lipsticks that are infused with avocado oil. And this new ingredient actually makes a lot of sense: Matte liquid lipsticks are favored for their long-lasting formulas, but can feel extra dry and cause lips to crack as the day goes on. With the addition of avocado oil, the Winky Lux liquid lipsticks become moisturizing—just as it does for our skin and hair—and the formula stays put all day, no cracking involved.

Winky Lux’s Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick is available in five shades for $13 each. Time to get your avocado on.