Another Weird Instagram Makeup Trend—But This One Might Actually Be Helpful

by Stephanie Montes

It might look a lot like clown contouring, but we can assure you, this new Insta-famous makeup trend has good intentions. While we would never recommend painting pictures on your face, there are some lessons to be learned from the #ColorCorrectingClash. This is how it works: Based on the principles of color theory, you can counteract sallow complexions, dark under-eye circles and general redness by covering them with their complementary hues. Sure, the trend is applied on an extreme scale but the method is correct. To help you achieve a flawless complexion, we’re showing the color-correcting makeup staples that work best for you.


As Seen On Instagram

Peach: Hides Blue Areas

Works wonders on under-eye circles, veins or bruise marks.

Yellow: Neutralizes Minor Redness

Perfect for covering discolored eyelids or hiding minor redness around the nose or lips.

Purple: Hides Yellow Undertones

Instantly brighten sallow skin tones or yellow pigmentation anywhere on the face.

Blue: Corrects Orange Tones

Did your tan come out too orange? A blue primer will neutralize that in no time.

Green: Erases Red Areas

Best for acne and rosacea, green concealer hides all traces of redness in the skin.

Pink: Fixes Green Undertones

Since red is the complementary color of green, so a pink concealer works to cover sallow skin or green-toned veins. This shade works to brighten your complexion no matter what your skin tone.