9 Ways To Get Epic Lashes

Coveting lush lashes that reach to the sky? We’ve got 9 products and tips that guarantee long, voluminous, altogether flutter-worthy fringe. From conditioning serums to curling techniques to the occasional pair of falsies, here’s everything you need to get the lashes of your dreams.


Invest In Growth Serum

This formula helps lashes stay strong and healthy, which keeps them blooming.

Use Moisturizing Makeup Remover

Taking off your mascara can rip out the hair unnecessarily. A product with gentle moisturizers is less traumatic to the lash line.

Apply Conditioner

Just like your locks, your lashes need hydration to stay soft and full.

Curl In Different Directions

Instead of just pressing once, switch directions and angles to get a more intense, lively swoop.

Choose Lash-Lengthening Mascara

Certain formulas enhance more than others. This Dior mascara, for example, has oils and fast-drying waxes that work together to hold shape.

Don't Sleep On Your Face

Your lashes can get caught on your pillow and fall out while you sleep. Can't resist snoozing face down? Take preventive measures and use a silk pillowcase to reduce the pull of a regular cotton sheet.

Stick On Some Falsies

If you're looking for right-now results, don't be afraid of the fakes. Apply individual lashes for a natural daytime look, or a full strip for a little evening drama.

Coat Lashes With Baby Powder

Here's a fun fact: Dust baby powder on your lashes with a fluffy eyeshadow brush after your first coat of mascara, finish with another coat and your lashes will appear thicker and fuller instantly.

Prep With A Primer

Prior to brushing on your everyday mascara, add a coat of lash primer to create shape and fullness.