Matteo Valle

7 Lazy-Girl Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life


The term lazy often gets a bad rap, but we embrace the title. While others are waking up extra early to perfect their makeup looks, we proudly hit the snooze button knowing that we can apply a full face in just minutes. Instead of working extra hours into your day, try our time-saving tricks for achieving a flawless face without disturbing your REM cycle. Go ahead, call us lazy—we call it productive.


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Wet Your Makeup Sponge With Setting Spray

Don't have time to run to the sink? Spritz your makeup sponge with setting spray before applying makeup. The setting spray will moisten it and help your foundation stay on all day.

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Swap Your Foundation For A Creamy Concealer

Instead of applying a full face of foundation, apply a generous amount of concealer on problem areas (we're looking at you, dark circles, redness around the nose and breakouts). Using your damp makeup sponge, blend concealer outward for a seamless finish. You'll save time and be left with a flawless no-makeup look.




Multitask Your Blush

Using a cream blush beyond your cheeks is not only a huge time-saver, it gives you a natural-looking flush. We like to apply the same cream product on our lips and cheeks when we're in a crunch.

Cream Color For Eyes In Caviar


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Ditch The Makeup Brushes

When you're in a hurry, step one is to put down the brushes and use your fingers. We even prefer to use our fingers when creating a smoky eye for evenings on the town. All you need to do is swipe a dark shadow directly onto your lid (close to your lash line), then follow with black eyeliner.

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Close Your Eyes When You Swipe On Eyeliner

Applying eyeliner takes time and serious precision—both of which can be rough for a lazy girl. The next time you apply eyeliner, close your eyes as you run a kohl formula along the waterline. This makes it foolproof and lines your upper waterline at the same time.

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Opt For Liquid Lipstick

Your traditional bullet lipstick is great, but it should always come after you've applied lip liner to prevent feathering. When you're in a pinch, swap it for a liquid lipstick. You'll get the same amount of precision as a lip liner without the feathering.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer



Don't Pluck Your Eyebrows

There isn't always time to get a brow wax. Instead of plucking strays before applying your makeup (this can cause unsightly redness and is time-consuming), cover grown-out brows with a thick concealer and set it with a light shadow. Lastly, fill in brows to create a darker contrast from those strays. What grown-out brows?