5 Things All Women With Great Eyelashes Do

by Stephanie Montes

Some girls just have it—a flutter to impress even the most seasoned beauty junkie. But if you weren’t born with bat-worthy lashes, there is hope. Here, five tips for making your fringe look longer and fuller.

5 Tricks For Fuller Lashes


Comb Your Lashes

Similar to what a hairbrush does for your locks, a lash comb stimulates follicles and promotes new growth.


Apply Castor Oil

Antioxidants in this oil promote stronger lashes and new growth. Apply before bed with a spooley brush and let it work its magic while you sleep.

Tightline Your Eyes

Adding a swipe of black eyeliner on the top waterline—also known as tightlining—will give the illusion of thicker lashes instantly.


Remove Eye Makeup Every Night

We've told you this before, but don't go to sleep without removing your makeup. This mini cleansing stick will eliminate lingering product that can clog pores and inhibit new lash growth.


Place Falsies Under Your Lashes, Not Above

If you attach false lash strips above your lash line, you're doing it all wrong. Apply the strip under your lashes for a more natural look.