5 Hacks To Make Your Beauty Products Winter Friendly

Freezing temperatures inevitably mean dry patches and dehydrated skin, which make it harder to apply your makeup. However, just because the cold isn’t agreeing with your current beauty stash, it doesn’t mean you should kick any products to the curb. Instead, try our easy hacks for upgrading your existing arsenal to make your favorites more winter-friendly—and reveal their fullest potential.



Hydrating Foundation

Sometimes a daily moisturizer just isn't enough to keep your skin from drying out. Combine your foundation with a serum for a boost of hydration to smooth out flaky patches.

Mixing Tip: Pump your daily dose of liquid foundation on the back of your hand and mix in three or four drops of a hydrating serum. Apply to your face with a BeautyBlender sponge or a foundation brush.

Moisturizing Eye Shadow

Powder shadows can leave your delicate eyelids dry. Instead of eschewing your favorite non-cream options, DIY your own winter-friendly version by mixing them with an eye cream.

Mixing Tip: Pour a loose powder shadow (or scrape the top of a pressed powder) into a spoon and mix with some eye cream. Add more shadow until you reach the color and consistency you desire, then apply with your finger.

Non-Drying Lipstick

Matte lipsticks can be extra drying during cooler months. If you can't live without your favorite shade, upgrade it with a deep-hydrating salve.

Mixing Tip: Create your own hydrating lip stain by combining equal parts lipstick and salve into an empty lip balm container. Microwave for 30 seconds and mix. Let cool and apply with your finger or a lip brush.

Moisturizing Blush

Now that you have a hydrating foundation, make sure your cheeks are equally dewy. Optimize your favorite powder blush with a luxurious face oil.

Mixing Tip: Put four or five drops of face oil into a saucer or small container. Scrape the top layer of a powder blush into the oil and mix; the consistency should be creamy, not watery. Apply with your fingers or a BeautyBlender.

Creamy Concealer

We love mixing our concealer with a daily moisturizer year-round—it keeps dry skin at bay during the winter months but also works wonders for blending on top of blemishes and under the eyes, no matter the climate.

Mixing Tip: Apply a dollop of concealer and a small amount of moisturizer on the back of your hand. Mix and apply with your finger.