5 Gym-Appropriate Makeup Products

We’ve all seen that girl at the gym. She’s walking on the treadmill or doing bicep curls with one-pound weight while wearing a full face of makeup. We want to poke fun at her, but her cat-eye liner is on point—and maybe it wouldn’t hurt to conceal our insane under-eye shadows before we jump into Zumba class. After all, we may be in the weight room to kick ass and break a sweat, but we’re still in public. And our fitness wardrobe has improved so much with the rise of the athleisure trend that it would be a shame not to look completely pulled-together. Surely there is a compromise? Thankfully, beauty brands know our struggle. Below, 5 key products to keep you glowing from cardio to cool-down.

Photo: @mirandakerr

Guerlain’s new balm comes in 5 rosy tints to give your lips a bit of color and lots of hydration while you’re swinging those kettlebells. The chic white lacquer case will look just as glam in your evening clutch as it does in your duffel.

This cult favorite now comes in a water-resistant formula that gives you such full, dramatic lashes, you won’t miss your eye liner or shadow while you’re tapping back at Soulcycle. Trust us with this one: Go light on the eye makeup.

A waterproof, clay-based concealer won’t budge when you wipe sweat off your brow or face-plant out of a handstand in yoga class. Plus, the stick applicator makes it easy to apply on the go.

Founded by a professional soccer player and her college roommate-turned-CPA best friend, Sweat Cosmetics is an athlete’s best friend. This brush-on mineral foundation evens skin tone and blocks UV rays but doesn’t clump or run when you start to, you know, sweat.

When you get so shiny that fellow gym-goers mistake you for a mirror, skip the powder (so high maintenance), and blot your face to matte perfection. You can pick up cheap versions at the drug store, but we like Sephora’s sleek packaging.