Makeup Removers: Just What You Need After Halloween

by Stephanie Montes

With Halloween behind us, loads of face paint, glitter and fake lashes will have to be removed this morning. If you think cleansing a full face of makeup is just as daunting as putting it on, we’ve curated 5 products that make the removal process a whole lot easier and leave your face as beautiful as it was before you had the bright idea to be a mime. Shop our picks for the best facial cleansers, all of which get the job done—no matter how elaborate your costume was last night. Your hangover? Well that’s your problem.

Scare away last night's makeup.


Cleansing oils melt away makeup better than any other cleanser. Reach for this to remove false lashes or dark lipsticks.


Best for last-minute cleanups, wipes are a lifesaver after the gym or before bed—or to help remove the full clown face you painted on.


If an oil and cream cleanser had a baby, this would be their offspring. This makeup remover is as nourishing as a cream and melts away pigments like an oil.


Makeup-removing waters are best for getting rid of any traces of foundation and unclogging pores on sensitive skin.


A true miracle worker, this makeup remover can be used with or without water. Rub balm into face to melt away makeup and wipe clean with a tissue. Keep this product in mind for your next costume party or glamping trip.