How Not To Make The Biggest Makeup Mistake Ever

by Stephanie Montes

We love lipstick but getting it to stay on our lips and off our teeth is nothing short of a science. Here, 5 tried-and-true hacks for getting it to stay put all day. After all, your pearly whites should always stay well, white.

Photo: Courtesy of Zac Posen

Use Your Lip Liner As A Base

Don't just rim your pout with a lip liner. Instead, fill in your lips entirely to grip your lipstick in place.

Use A Brush To Apply It

Pack the pigment on by pressing it onto your lips rather than swiping over the surface.

Get Rid Of Excess Product

Place your index finger between pursed lips and pull it out. Any excess lipstick near the teeth area should remain on your finger.

Create A Barrier On Your Teeth

Apply a clear waxy balm on your front teeth to prevent lipstick transfer.

Set Your Lipstick

Place a sheet of tissue on the surface of your lips and dust translucent powder with a fluffy brush over the paper. Blot and you’re good to go.