5 Life-Changing Makeup Tips For Girls With Dry Skin

by Stephanie Montes

Any girl with dry skin can tell you applying makeup and keeping it from flaking is easier said than done. We’re making it foolproof. From new ways to apply your makeup to the products that make you look flawless, our tips make even the driest skin look soft and dewy. Sound impossible? Read on.

Flaky Makeup Fixes

Ditch Dry Skin

A harsh exfoliator can damage your complexion and dry it out even more. Instead, opt for a gentle powder cleanser that sloughs away dry skin and removes excess makeup buildup.

Prime Properly

It’s important to choose products that target your specific skin type as primers for dry skin provide more moisture than regular ones. You can hydrate skin even more by mixing it with a moisturizer before you apply it to your face.

Lay Down The Foundation

Using a stippling brush in circular motions to apply your foundation actually exfoliates, which can leave behind a thick surface of dead skin mixed with makeup. Instead, use a moist Beautyblender sponge to press foundation into your face without drying it out.

Go With Liquids

Powders make dry skin look flaky and chalky. Instead, use liquid foundations, cream blushes and liquid eyeliner to add even more much-needed moisture to your skin.

Finish With A Spritz

Always finish with a hydrating face spray to give skin a dewy glow. Pack one in your bag to reapply as the day goes on. Your skin has never looked so hydrated and fresh.