Ruined Your Makeup? Fix It Without Starting Over

by Stephanie Montes

The next time you get a little heavy-handed on the blush or apply the wrong foundation shade don’t wipe it off and start all over. We have a few tricks that right your makeup wrongs, no matter how bad they might be. You’ll thank us the next time we save you from leaving the house with way too much blush on.

Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

Photo: Getty Images

Problem: Overly Pink Cheeks

It happens but trust us, you'll want to fix that before you run out the door.

Solution: Use a clean blush brush to buff out and lighten the color. If it's still too pink, combat the blush with a green color-correcting loose powder.

Problem: Clumpy, Flaky Lashes

Reapplying mascara at the end of the day can make it clumpy and flaky.

Solution: Swipe on a tiny bit of Vaseline with your finger to soften clumpy lashes, blot with a tissue and apply another coat of mascara.

Problem: Wrong Foundation Shade

Whether you're trying a new foundation or are just now noticing your go-to shade doesn't match, using one that isn't your color is a major faux pas.

Solution: Always remedy your foundation with a layer of pressed powder in the correct shade. If the color is significantly off, use makeup wipes to remove your foundation–but make sure to leave your eye makeup and lipstick on.

Problem: Crooked Cat Eye

We're all allowed to have off days, but a crooked cat eye is just unacceptable.

Solution: Use a small angled brush and concealer to straighten your flick. If you've really messed it up, remove with makeup remover and a Q-tip, conceal the area and try again.

Problem: Thick Lipstick On Chapped Lips

Lipstick can be drying and as the day goes on, your lips can start to look chapped.

Solution: Use a makeup wipe to remove all traces of your lipstick. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub, apply lip balm and reapply lipstick.