10 Makeup Artist Must-Haves Under $50

Michele Morosi

Whether you’re packing for an exotic getaway or editing your permanent stash, keep these 10 makeup artist-approved beauty buys on hand at all times for a flawless finish. These priming and prettifying backstage must-haves will ensure you’ll look your best no matter what makeup look you’re about to take for a spin.

Backstage Beauty

Legendary makeup artist François Nars, backstage at Marc Jacobs' fall 2014 show. Photo: Courtesy of Nars

Add Moisture

This cult-favorite healing salve will instantly add moisture to skin before or after applying makeup. We spotted it everywhere during the New York shows this season.

Remove Makeup

Every artist has their favorite makeup remover but (believe it or not) many use baby wipes to quickly cleanse and clarify skin. Pick up a pack of residue-removing facial towelettes for your own busy days!

Highlight Skin

These days, it feels like every runway look involves a good amount of moisture, shimmer or shine. To achieve your own glowy complexion on the go, pick up a highlighter stick or pot of shimmer like RMS Beauty's popular Living Luminizer and apply to cheekbones and eyelids.

Exfoliate Lips

If you're rocking a bold-color lipstick, exfoliation is a total must. Makeup artists never skip this step, using homemade concotions (think: honey, brown sugar and olive oil), or a branded option like this little pot from Sara Happ, to get lips smooth and hydrated.

Groom Brows

Nothing creates a great canvas for makeup like perfectly groomed brows - you'd never catch a makeup artist without a pair of tweezers for this reason. For your own quick touch-ups, try an essentials kit with gel and a highlighter crayon too.

Pull Hair Back

Keep your hair out of your face during makeup application using large hair clips in fun colors. To prevent indents and unwanted kinks in your hair follow makeup artists' lead by placing cotton or sponges in between your hair and the metal clips.

Even Skin Tone

Before you delve into bronzer, BB cream or blush, mask blemishes, dark sports and discoloration with a corrective cream color palette. While makeup artists keep an entire spectrum of hues on hand, you can pick up a smaller set suited to your specfic coloration.

De-Puff Eyes

There isn't enough time for makeup artists to perform intensive treatments for models in between shows but even the quickest steam, facial or mask can do wonders for the skin. Hydrate and reduce puffiness around the eyes during your own busy days with these portable eye treatment masks.

Blend Makeup

Do-it-all tools that blend makeup for a flawless finish are a must in any makeup kit. While makeup artists use everything from cotton buds to the tips of their fingers to achieve the perfect blend, many keep edge-free sponges on hand for a softer and more precise look.

Personalize Your Space

Many makeup artists have a totem or personal item that sets the mood backstage and makes the space feel like home (see: Tom Pecheux's Pascal). Whether you're traveling or not, we love the idea of making a small, stylish item - like this crystal votive - a staple in your beauty kit.