Makeup Artist Favorite: Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

by The Zoe Report

These days there seems to be a salve for everything. Chemically engineered with ingredients that are almost always impossible to understand, there’s something new to treat every bump, bruise and bit of chapped skin. But what if you could trash all those other tubes and stash a natural remedy that’s proven the test of time? Over 100 years old, Lucas’ Papaw is promising to answer our woes, and we’re listening–after all they’ve got a pretty great track record! With scores of fans down under, the multi-tasking papaya treatment is finally making a splash stateside.

Formulated from fresh Carica Papaya grown right in Brisbane, Lucas’ Papaw natural remedies have earned the product rave reviews and scored them some major fans along the way. Applied topically, the salve can be used to treat pretty much everything: minor burns and sunburns, open wounds, diaper rash and even temporarily soothe the likes of eczema and dermatitis. Plus, it’s just as great on dry lips, cracked cuticles and pesky, inflamed bug bites. And with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, we want to have a tube–or tub–handy at all times. We’re ready to clear out our crowded cabinet and make room for this one product that’s got us totally covered.

Availability: Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g Tube ($12); 75g Tub ($25).