Cool Curation: The Latest Collection From MAKE Cosmetics

It goes without saying that cool colors you can wear everyday and philanthropic purpose are key ingredients in solidifying the reputation of a covetable makeup collection, which is why we’ve fallen hard for MAKE: a breakthrough beauty line that seasoned beauty buffs (like ourselves) can’t seem to get enough of.

Known best for curating cosmetic stories with both new and staple shades you can wear every day (no matter how bold), MAKE does it again with Celeste e Verde, a gorgeous concept collection featuring spring-friendly hues that even those of us that are most reserved in our beauty rituals have tried and loved! Our adoration for the line grew after meeting with Ariana Mouyiaris, creative director and daughter to MAKE’s founder. Read on for an exclusive interview with Ariana on developing the brand, her makeup essentials and more.

Availability: MAKE Celeste e Verde Concept Collection ($23-$40).

Meet The Brains Behind MAKE

Ariana Mouyiaris, Creative Director of MAKE. Photo: Heiko Prigge.

Her Early Career

MAKE Celeste e Verde Concept Collection ($23-$40)

"I started my career working in branding and design before pursuing an MA in Curating Contemporary Design in London. I moved into working in interiors styling and creative direction after graduating and went on to launch my own curating and design practice, Haptic Thought shortly after. It is through this that I started really bringing together all the different disciplines I love: design, art directing, creating concepts for installations and, in the case of MAKE, acting as the Creative Director. I still run Haptic Thought and take on projects in design consulting and curating."

On Joining The Family Business

Celeste e Verde Palette, $50

"I came on board as an independent Creative Director to lend my expertise and eye and sensibility to the project. I’ve put a lot of myself into it and that is satisfying. Although, ultimately, my role is in support of my father’s vision to create a game-changing model in the beauty industry that can do good whilst being visionary. By donating 10% of all retail sales to the We See Beauty Foundation and supporting women-led, worker owned businesses, we hope to create a benchmark for other industries to copy and be a spark to help create a more equitable, cooperative economy."

Advice For Starting Your Own Beauty Line

Super Matte Cake Eyeliner Duo, $25

"Have a very personal view on what you see as beauty and try to let that channel into all aspects of your business."

On Growing Her Father's Business

Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Palermo, $25

"my reward will hopefully be the success of the brand to help create the change we wish to see in the world and to show a new way in which businesses can create meaningful change"

Ariana's Essentials

Matte Dew, $27; Brow Pen, $20; Face Primer, $32; Face Gloss, $25

"MAKE’s Face Gloss, Matte Dew Custom Finish Effects and Brow Pen—totally life changing. If I could throw in a fourth, it would be our SPF 30 Face Primer: the perfect base for makeup or clear, protected skin."