How To Look Gorgeous At The Beach With Zero Effort

by Stephanie Montes

Beach season is officially here (yes, it snuck up on us too), which sounds great unless you’ve dropped the ball on all the squats and juice cleanses. Since getting into a bikini can be stress-inducing, we’re sharing 10 simple secrets for looking radiant, even if you haven’t made it to a trendy workout class all year. Here, all the items you need to get noticed on the beach for all the right reasons.


Lookin' Good, Good Lookin'

Scrub Your Entire Body

Because dry, flaky skin is not sexy.

Get A Glow With Self-Tanner

Just make sure you do it right. Here's how.

Let Your Bathing Suit Steal The Show

Now that you've made your skin glow, complement it with a colorful bathing suit.

Pile On The Arm Candy

Bright accessories are all you need for that extra-special touch.

Get Effortless Waves

Get incredible texture in your hair, even if you don't make it into the ocean.

Protect Your Skin

Applying SPF feels less daunting when it comes in cute packaging.

Put A Wide-Brimmed Hat To Work

Take extra precautions by shading your face from sun altogether—plus, you'll look effortlessly chic.

Make Your Face Shine (The Right Way)

Give your complexion some life with a few swipes of a blowy highlighter.

Fake Longer, Leaner Legs

Apply this bronzy body highlighter down the center of your legs to make them look instantly more tan and toned.

Carry Your Essentials In Style

A cute bag can only make you look better.