London Fashion Week's Fall/Winter 2021 Makeup Trends Will Make You Want To Dress Up

From starry rhinestones to chiseled contours.

Burberry Beauty/Instagram
London Fashion Week's Fall/Winter 2021 Makeup Trends

Many things about London Fashion Week have remained the same, even in these certifiably unprecedented times. Held this year from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23, it's still one of the gems of fashion month, and the new London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 makeup trends still feel as cool as other U.K. beauty exports of days gone by — like glam rock or punk. There have been changes to the status quo, though, such as its relatively recent move to genderless seasons and the similarly new experience of producing fashion shows (or videos, or look books) during a pandemic.

Nevertheless, a great makeup look continues to inspire, whether it's a feathered blush swept across the cheekbones or heavy eyeliner penciled into a cat-eye. Or, in the case of certain shows, both. Ahead, the five stand-out beauty trends from London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 that you can start incorporating in your own routine now.

London Fashion Week Trend: Flushed Blush

Blush has gone from a simple, barely there cheek enhancer to a standout in complexion routines, and London has seemingly embraced the '80s revival. Vivienne Westwood's models wore circular blush, while Molly Goddard's neon-pink blush was draped from above the eyebrow to below the cheekbone. At Pronounce, it was, well, more pronounced — resembling high-art '80s illustrations and classic theater masks.

London Fashion Week Trend: Cleopatra Cat-Eye

Kicked off at New York Fashion Week, the liner trend took a bolder shape in London, where it was drawn into a more elaborate Cleopatra-like cat-eye. Some wings were sharp, like at Erdem, whereas others featured a blunt-edged look.


London Fashion Week Trend: Embellishments & Illustrations

Less can be more. But more is often more, too. Avant-garde makeup has long been an Instagram trend enhanced by 3D embellishments, and it caught the spotlight at Burberry and Art School. Burberry's felt softer — silver stars and rhinestones — whereas Art School's involved metal-toned spikes applied across a model's skin. Meanwhile, Pronounce and Osman Yousefzada both featured models with tattoo-like illustrations, a 2D way to approach the trend.

London Fashion Week Trend: Chiseled Cheeks

Sure, models are known for having cheekbones chiseled by the heavens — but the makeup applied at Duro Olowu, Edeline Lee, and Erdem certainly didn't cover them up. Rather than rounder, apple-cheeked definition, a slanted '80s contour appeared across the shows. Use the same products to create it — hello, highlighter — and focus on applying the glow in a downwards swipe.

Ne-o for Edeline Lee via Shutterstock

London Fashion Week Trend: Simple Eyeshadow

The single-color eyeshadow trend smoldered at Osman, then fluttered at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, where pastels lightened up the autumnal pieces. Good news, if you aren't ready to break out your giant eyeshadow palettes quite yet. Other brands, such as Palmer Harding, played into this minimalism; models appear as if they're wearing a touch of sheeny eyeshadow at one angle, then appear nearly bare faced in another.