Pump Up The Volume

by The Zoe Report

Let’s all take a moment to assess our hair situation. No matter what kind of drama your strands are prone to—frizz, dullness or falling flat—there is a new way to handle all of it: Liqwd! I recently stumbled upon their incredible line of products and fell especially hard for the Professional Volumizing Catalyst. It is life-changing!

Nothing has the potential to ruin a perfectly stellar outfit quite like deflated hair—you know what I mean?—so it is crucial to avoid that scenario at all costs. Liqwd’s spray does the trick by giving a boost of energy to your locks with Nano-Hydraspheres. I literally use it every time I style my tresses and they have movie star volume that lasts for days…a bonus being each strand is also totally lustrous and moisturized. Perfect hair to match the perfect outfit 🙂 xoRZ Availability: Liqwd Professional Volumizing Catalyst ($28). For additional retailer information, visit Liqwd.com.