Keratin Kick

by The Zoe Report

Guilty as charged, you caught us swapping out the shampoo and conditioner in our showers before the bottles were empty again. But in our defense, the upgrade was just too good to pass up. Say hello to LiQwd’s spankin’ new Q-Keratin Treatment Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner, and try as you might to resist the temptation to lather up.

Now that we’ve convinced you to cheat on your go-to ‘poo and condish—it’s good for your locks to change it up, trust us!—let’s discuss in detail the benefits of LiQwd’s latest. Concocted to promote stronger, fuller and shinier hair, when used together, this duo prevents split ends while smoothing out frizz to give you your most desirable mane. Is your current wash routine leaving you with limp locks? Kick things up a notch this summer with keratin.

Availability: LiQwd Q-Keratin Treatment Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner ($24 each). For additional information, visit Liqwd.com.

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