Lipstick Shades To Wear To Your Next Job Interview

by Stephanie Montes

When you are interviewing for a job—whether at a small start-up or a large corporation—your appearance says a lot about you. Too much makeup might come off as high maintenance, while too little can give the impression you don’t care. Look professional, confident and creative with a few of our favorite lipstick shades perfect for an important job interview. (We even pair them with go-getter outfits.) These hues are so good they’re sure to land you the job—and work overtime.

Find the lipstick shade and outfit to get you your dream job. Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Field: Creative

A bold orange says you are artistic, innovative and not afraid to take a risk—all great qualities your future employer will likely be looking for. Play down your bright lipstick with a pair of black skinnies, simple white top and killer pumps.

Field: Sales

You can never go wrong with a swipe of pink when applying for a sales job. The color is feminine but strong, implying you are both put-together and charming. Whether you're selling merchandise or million-dollar ideas, any boss would be happy to hire a girl with such promising qualities. Pair your pink pout with equally pretty details. A structured dress and minimal accessories show you have great taste and are professional.

Field: Education

Whether you're teaching high school or college classes or leading a company meeting, you don't want people focusing on your lips more than the words coming out of them. A nude lipstick says you are organized, smart and professional without being too aggressive. A shift dress adds a little oomph to your look while still looking classroom and office appropriate. Choosing one in a bright color—paired with comfortable pumps—is modern and chic.

Field: Journalism

Set yourself apart from a sea of eager candidates by going with a classic shade of bright red. It says you're confident, sassy and willing to make a statement. Consider the job yours. Show your impeccable style without being too over-the-top with a full skirt and a simple sweater.

Field: Law

Embrace your femininity with a strong oxblood shade. It says you're confident, self-assertive and tenacious while still being polished enough to represent the company. Look for feminine silhouettes with great textures like a tweed pencil skirt. Finish the look with a fitted blazer.