Lip Gloss That Isn’t Sticky? Yep, We’re Sold

A model with winged eyeliner and red lip gloss that isn't sticky

When it comes to reaping the nourishing benefits of beauty oils, it seems more than a little unfair that nails, hair, and faces should have all the fun. What about lips? With their ultra thin skin and lack of oil glands, they’re prime candidates for some TLC to call their own.

Well, now they’ve got it. Beauty companies from Clairins and Yves Saint Laurent to Hourglass and The Body Shop have all recently released their own version of lip oil, and—thanks to specially-formulated blends—each promises results that go beyond plain old moisturizing. Clarins’ version, for example, is made with jojoba and hazelnut for a plumping effect; Yves Saint Laurent’s has apricot-kernal and comes in eight fruit-tinged stains; while Hourglass’ is made with the botanicals to aid anti-aging.

Sounds great, but the real selling point of lip oils might be more simple: They add shine like a gloss—without any of the gross stickiness.

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