Cell Out

by The Zoe Report

For as long as we can remember, we have relied on the trick of putting frozen spoons under our eyes to diminish dark circles before a night out, but for more long-term results, we have a new secret weapon: Lifeline Skin Care’s Eye Firming Complex! Formulated with real, non-embryonic stem cells, this unprecedented product relies on cutting-edge science to yield a wide-awake look.

To be used both in the morning and evening, Lifeline Skin Care’s miraculous formula works like a charm to create millions of new skin cells, therefore rejuvenating the entire surface of one’s face. Consider its additional active ingredients of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and matrixyl 3000—a collagen preserver—and it’s no wonder we’re in awe over the godsend cream. Low on your zzz’s but need more than just a quick fix? Keep your eyes on the prize that is today’s Firming Complex and you’ll look alert all season!

Availability: Lifeline Skin Care Eye Firming Complex ($97). For additional information, visit Lifelineskincare.com