Face Time

by The Zoe Report

We are all susceptible to the stress brought on by a long work week, so this weekend, why not reward yourself with an at-home spa treatment? Set the tone by turning off your Blackberry, lighting a few eucalyptus candles, and playing a calming iTunes mix. Then, apply a Lancôme Absolue Premium ßx Cloth Mask and…relax.

With a fusion of anti-aging ingredients like soy and sea algae, these fiber cloth masks do wonders as a renewing moisturizer for your skin. Trust me, after just one use, you will notice a vibrant change on your complexion. Try them with Lancôme’s Absolue Replenishing Eye Cream and Exfoliance Confort for a full spa-like experience. There is no excuse to not pamper yourself! xoRZ

Availability: Lancôme Absolue Premium ßx Cloth Mask ($95 for 6). For additional retailer information, visit Lancome-usa.com.