Korean Skin Care Is Here To Stay — And These Are 2021’s Trendiest Products

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Soko Glam

One thing is clear regardless of your beauty routine: Korean skin care has changed the game. “K-beauty should not be seen as a trend or a niche category. In fact, Korean beauty is now synonymous with trusted, innovative skin care,” Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Korean beauty platform Soko Glam and founder of the skin care brand Then I Met You, tells TZR over email. “This appreciation of K-beauty’s foundational elements — paired with the focus on reinvestment in self-care and skin care we’ve seen in the last year — has allowed K-beauty to grow during a challenging time.”

According to Cho, Allied Market Research projected that the global K-beauty market size will climb to $13.9 billion by 2027, a staggering increase from the already high $10.2 billion value from 2019. “The audience here has responded incredibly well to K-beauty’s investment in ingredients, skin health, education, and overall innovation — whether it be in packaging or formulation,” she adds. “Seeing as the pandemic spurred recommitments to self-care and skin care, K-beauty’s growth will not be slowing down anytime soon!”

Nor will it lose its well-deserved spot in skin care routines all over the world. Below, shop some of the trendiest K-beauty products out there, from hanbang skin care to the COSRX products you’ve undoubtedly seen all over the internet.

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