Korean Beauty Secrets: 10 Products You Need Now

by Stephanie Montes

As of late, Korean beauty—or K-beauty as it’s often called—has been making a splash in the world of skincare, makeup and hair care, and we’ve been dying to get our hands on some of the best-selling products. With their kitschy packaging, outrageous ingredients and super-affordable prices, it’s no wonder these buys are at the top of our beauty bucket list. Shop our favorites and get inspired to work them into your daily routine.

"Korean beauty products are all the rage now, as they dare to be different in a crowded market. The US consumer loves innovation. Unlike Western brands, the Korean industry knows no boundaries and is more daring than others when it comes to product conceptualization. Face masks made of snail slime and creams made of egg yolk are just a few examples of how a lack of tradition has helped us create noteworthy products."

-Karl Loo, Vice President of Korean beauty website Memebox

Blackhead Mask

Extract blackheads, whiteheads and sebum (those thick oils that build up on the surface of the skin) with this 10-minute charcoal mask. Detoxing your skin has never looked or felt so good.

Egg Yolk Cream

Believe it or not, this beloved breakfast food is incredibly hydrating and brightening. Use morning and night to control your skin’s pH balance for a bright and even skin tone.

Cleansing Balm

A true Korean must-have, this balm-to-oil cleanser instantly dissolves any traces of makeup without drying or irritating skin. An added bonus: The loads of vitamin C in it make your skin look bright as the sun.

Face Mask

We’re practically giddy over this innovative mask that transforms from powder into a rubbery mask once you add water. Get an authentic Korean spa experience at home with this $2 beauty buy. That certainly beats the price of a plane ticket.

Hair Treatment

Get shiny, silky locks with this lavender, witch-hazel and sesame-infused hair cap. Wear it in the shower for 15 minutes and let the steam activate your deep-conditioning wrap.

Hair Straightener

Favored in Korea, this flatiron does more than straighten. Flip or curl your tresses with this multifunctional styling tool.

Makeup Primer

Minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines while creating a smooth base for your foundation. A flawless complexion is only 7 seconds away. Now that’s something we can make time for.

ZZ Cream

You’ve heard of BB and even CC creams. Here, we introduce you to the ZZ cream–a powerful cocktail of BB, CC, primer and foundation all in one.

Makeup Remover

Perhaps the most genius product ever, these Q-tips conveniently store makeup-removing eggplant liquid in the tube. Even better, they're compact enough to tote in your purse for midday touch-ups.


Remember when we mentioned kitschy packaging? This mascara comes in a box with an intricate pop-up scene. Besides that, it gives you the longest, curliest lashes your eyes have ever seen.