Tips From Kim Kardashian’s Colorist On How To Go Blonde

Getty Images

This just in from Paris Fashion Week—Kim Kardashian has gone blonde! Weeks ago she debuted a major chop, but looks like the bombshell wasn’t quite finished with her hair transformation. Trading in her signature dark mane for icy platinum locks, Kim gets a thumbs up from Team Zoe for giving the daring switch a go.

Update: Kim’s colorist, Lorri Goddard, cited the inspiration as “glamour platinum,” working what she describes as a “medley of different textures and platinum hues” into her hair for the final result. What did Kim have to say about the process? “It was a super intensified collaboration and a thrill for Lorri to be a part of the team for the night.” If you’re looking to make the switch, Lorri advises considering your eye color. “If you have warmth in your eye, you can take on a little bit more of a honey platinum, and if you have cooler-toned eyes then you can go for an icier platinum. A combination of both is pretty much flattering for everyone because it is a fresh take on platinum glamour,” she said.

The latest and perhaps most buzzy star to take to the trendy wave of a major color transformation (ahem, we see you Jared Leto), we wouldn’t be surprised if she inspires a slew of others in her wake. Would you go for a drastic dye job à la Kim? Tweet us your thoughts @thezoereport!

More angles of Kim’s new ‘do below:

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