Kate Upton Shares Her Beauty Rules

by Stephanie Montes

Model, actress and real-life bombshell Kate Upton is quite the authority on turning heads—so much so that she was named People‘s Sexiest Woman Alive of 2014. Here, she’s kindly sharing her beauty secrets with us, from her favorite nighttime makeup look to the products she can’t live without. If it gets us one step closer to her fresh-faced elegance, we’ll sign up for all of the above.


1. Keep It Classic

"My beauty M.O. is 3 words: simple, effortless, polished."

2. Know What Works

"Year after year, I keep coming back to my Bobbi Brown concealer because it instantly makes me look less tired, which is helpful with such a busy schedule. Since I travel a lot, my skin also needs a good moisturizer, especially when I get off an airplane."

3. Care For Your Hair

"When I started modeling, my hair suffered from constant heat styling. Then I learned about Leonor Greyl. Now every time I wash, I start with the shampoo and use the mask as a conditioner. My hair is healthier and can hold up to harsh heat."

4. Scent Your Space

"Jo Malone's Lavender & Lovage candle is one of my favorites. I have a few of them sprinkled around my house and I almost always have them lit. There's something calming about the scent."


5. Play Favorites

"There are 5 items I always keep in my bag. I can't leave home without blotting papers, a hydrating eye cream and an intensive moisturizer (remember those flights?). Also Bobbi Brown's new Intensive Skin Serum Concealer, and for my lips, the Luxe Lip in Parisian Red."

6. Try New Things

"Currently, I’m loving Bobbi Brown’s new Sterling Nights Eye Palette. All of the shadows are perfect for evening!"


7. Be Beautiful Inside And Out

"Lauren Hutton is my ultimate beauty inspiration. She has this wonderful inner beauty about her and I love the way she carries herself. I also like that she always keeps her look so natural and clean. Audrey Hepburn is another icon. She was so glamorous, beautiful, and had a great sense of style."


8. Treat Yourself

"When I feel like splurging on my beauty routine, I go to Christine Chin’s spa in New York City for a facial. There’s nothing better."

9. Go For Understated Elegance

"When it comes to my nails, I usually go for neutrals, like nudes, soft pinks or whites."