Make Out With This Lip Mask

by The Zoe Report

There is no denying that here at Team Zoe, we’re addicted to a host of luxurious balms that soothe and soften our dry lips. But in addition to our go-to daily salves, sometimes we have to pull out the big guns to cure our chapped-mouth woes. This brings us to Kaplan MD’s Lip 20 Mask, an ultra-moisturizing cream that will give you luscious kissers in no time!

As steadfast fans of Kaplan MD’s Clinical Skin Therapy, we were overjoyed to come across their equally therapeutic and rejuvenating lip mask. With natural papaya enzymes and 22 other certified organic extracts, this gel gently melts away flaky, peeling skin and plumps fine lines to soothe and soften one’s puckers. To use, simply apply Kaplan MD’s deluxe formula, then after 3-5 minutes, wipe it off with a soft, damp cloth for a remarkably radiant result, aka, lips that are ready to be kissed!

Availability: Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask ($48). For additional information, visit Kaplanmd.com.

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