Brace Your Face

by The Zoe Report

If we told you that we knew a way to get gorgeous skin in just 3-5 minutes, would you be interested? Obvi! Step right up to unveil the magic found in Kaplan MD’s Clinical Skin Therapy. Brace your face for flawlessness.

Made of medical-grade benzoyl peroxide, this top-notch treatment works to improve skin texture while minimizing pores, inflammation and redness, sans the drying, stinging or burning side effects that are often the price of face masks. To be coupled with Kaplan MD’s Clarifying Toner and Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate for maximum results, Clinical Skin Therapy is your key to a fresh façade from summer to fall. Can you think of a better way to complement your seasonal getups than with a glowing visage? We can’t either! Set aside a few minutes and get ready for radiance.

Availability: Kaplan MD Clinical Skin Therapy ($50). For additional information, visit Kaplanmd.com.

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