Don’t Sweat It

by The Zoe Report

While we’re never eager to discuss the nitty-gritty of our perspiration habits, we readily admit that there are few things less glam than a dampened ensemble. Our solution? Kai’s Deodorant. The unsung hero of our cosmetic arsenal, this chic secret weapon keeps us stunning and sweat-free round the clock.

Fortified with natural skin conditioners and an aluminum-free blend of vitamin E, chamomile and plant extracts, Kai’s translucent solid curbs moisture on contact. Unlike other run-of-the-mill antiperspirants, it’s blessed with a supremely gentle formula and a delightfully subtle scent. Loves! Next time you’re feeling hot under the collar, use this under-the-radar essential to stay dry with a few refreshing swipes.

Availability: Kai Deodorant ($24). For additional information, visit Kaifragrance.com.