Finally, A Jonathan Van Ness Hair Care Line Is On The Way

“All of my life experiences have led up to me to creating this line.”

Courtesy of JVN
Jonathan Van Ness to release hair care line, JVN

Ever since Jonathan Van Ness made their first appearance on Netflix’s hit series Queer Eye, fans have not stopped fawning over the star’s long, gorgeous hair — and rightfully so. As the show’s grooming expert, it makes perfect sense that Van Ness would sport a luscious mane and an impressively maintained beard, but their confidence and vivaciousness take their distinct look to the next level. This, along with Van Ness’s clear and demonstrated expertise, has prompted many to wonder if they would ever create their own hair care — and at last, the day has finally come.

Well, almost. On August 31, Van Ness will release JVN, a hair care line that, with the tagline “Come As You Are”, embraces diversity and inclusivity. At the brand’s launch event, Van Ness elaborated on the ethos behind JVN saying, “To me, having the opportunity to create this brand was really about celebrating everyone’s beauty and everyone’s hair type while having amazing ingredients, and really celebrating sustainability,” they said.

JVN officially launches at JVN.com on August 31 and at Sephora on September 17 — and while that may feel like one too many days away, here is what TZR knows so far about the highly anticipated release.

Courtesy of JVN

The collection contains 10 products across four families that address different hair concerns: Embody, boosts hair volume while removing buildup, Nurture helps hair return to its healthiest, most hydrated self, Undamage revitalizes hair that’s undergone heat, bleach, or color damage, and Complete, features treatment and styling products for all hair types. The hero ingredient in every product is hemisqualane, a silicone alternative which provides weightless nourishment, reduces frizz, and preserves color while adding softness, slip, shine, and bounce to the hair.

In addition to effective and inclusive hair care, JVN’s mission also centers around being earth-conscious. In a press release, the brand states that it prioritizes quality ingredients and recyclable materials, and has even made a commitment to become 100% plastic-free by 2025. “Each formula contains ingredients selected on the basis of positive impact on hair and skin health, and low impact on the environment,” the release says.

Though Van Ness only came into the public eye in the last few years, they have had a long career as a professional hairstylist. This collection, they said at the launch event, has been a long time coming. “Being a hairdresser for 15 years I felt like there were three issues that I would constantly see: moisture, strength, or body and volume,” Van Ness said. “That’s why I went with these three lines for shampoo and conditioner. And then for our stylers and treatments, I really just wanted to try and keep it simple.”

They continued: “All of my life experiences have led up to me to creating this line and really seeing everyone’s beauty, and celebrating everyone’s beauty.”