A Vacation-Worthy Braid You’ll Love

A busy day of sightseeing, shopping or running errands calls for a polished but practical updo that doesn’t look too formal, but will stay in place all day. Enter: the low braid. Today Sophie Elkus of AngelFoodStyle and Joico hair stylist Eric Mayes show you a modified version of the classic hairstyle that’ll look gorgeous on your next vacation or busy, on-the-go afternoon.

Get The Look

Photos: Stephen Busken

You'll Need

Step 1: Create Sections

Prep hair with Joico's Restorative Styling Oil, which will protect your strands from breakage while braiding. Then, divide hair into four equal sections - two in the front and two in the back. Wrap sections into chignons to secure. Every time you take down a chignon to braid it, spray with Joico’s Power Spray for added texture and grip.

Step 2: Braid Front Sections

Take down one of the front chignons and divide it into two sections. Loosely French braid hair until you reach the ear lobe, securing with a clear hair elastic. Then, fishtail braid hair the rest of the way down. Repeat the process with the other front chignon.

Step 3: Fishtail Braid Back Sections

Fishtail braid back two sections, securing with a clear hair elastic at 3 or 4 inches from the bottom.

A refresher on fishtail braiding:

Divide hair into two equal sections. Take a skinny strand of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over and add it to the right section. Repeat on the right side. Continue this process until your fishtail braid is 2 inches from the bottom. Secure with a clear hair elastic.

Step 4: Pin Back Section Braids

Wrap back right braid over to the left and up to the temple area, pinning to secure. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Pin Front Section Braids

Bring front section braids back and across, pinning behind each earlobe to secure. The front section braids should make an X shape across the back of hair.

The Final Look

This gorgeous, Grecian-like hairstyle is perfect for a busy day of sightseeing, shopping or running errands, as it’s equal parts polished and practical. Hair is off of your shoulders and secure for anything the day brings your way.

Style It With

A floaty shift dress is comfortable and chic for a day on the town. Just add a denim jacket and cool statement accessories to complete the look.